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Galaxy buds + Connectivity issue

(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 12:21 PM)
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I have an odd issue with my Galaxy buds+. 

I've had it for over two months now, and it used to work fine for the first week or two (aside from a couple of sound drops here and there that I thought its normal with wireless earbuds such as this). However, after that the connectivity issue and loss of sound got worse and worse, to the point that I could not listen to a full song at all (sound kept being disrupted and dropped for over 80%) of the time. I should also mention that most of these issues happen when Im moving (Either running using my Active 2 watch or walking with my oneplus phone). 

I have tried to contact the tech support team to fix it or get it repaired but every time they want to go through a troubleshooting, which is fine by me, but the problem is when you do the trouble shooting it works fine for 30 minutes, however as soon as I get up and head out it starts happening again). 

I have tried so hard to make the agents understand that the troubleshooting only helps for a very limited amount of time but they never listen and just want to do the troubleshooting (which in their eyes they have actually solved the issue since it works fine right after!).

If anyone has a fix for this I appreciate it!

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I've been having issues with my left bud+ starting music playback on its own (no tap on the bud needed) which has been driving me nuts. i scrolled through the forums endlessly and maybe found a possible solution to both our issues. the proximity sensor on the bud+ (mine was the left bud) is sensing removal of the bud from the ear due to improper fitment, which can be helped by changing the size of the silicon boot on the tip. 

my left ear canal is lightly wider than my right, which is allowing for excess movement of the bud when placed in my ear. i am hoping that by switching just that affected bud to a larger silicon tip will rectify my problem, and i believe that it might solve yours also.


good luck :smiling-face: