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Galaxy active 2 issues


Highly discourage buying these watches Samsung have yet failed to deliver on the promises of the ECG function that should of been here several months ago that was sold as a feature yet new watches are being marketed has having this yet they're not signing off for the existing active 2 yet rhe galaxy 3 has the ECG

The 4g version is very limited tbink its just EE! Maybe Vodafone to. The bank features is also very limited still nothing for Halifax

The blood pressure monitor is not available. My strap has failed at just 6.5 months and samsung refuse to replace as apparently even though it was sold with the watch and the watch has a 2 year warranty they keep it very quiet that they say the strap is only 6 months warranty! Despite being a major part of the watch very little use no swimming no heavy sports but they say it could be user error

The watch also keeps freezing so I'm havong to always reset it. Use any of the main functions and the battery is just around 6 hours usage! Eg use anything like the tracking GPS and the battery is gone in hours!

Very poor watch with an RRP of over £400!

Have to agree with the above posters comments.
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unfortunately for EKG, Samsung need certify the functions from specific countries to enable features.

banking apps and nfc etc depend on the bank. lots of banks don't like to partner up with Samsung

Regarding the battery, all high end watches have limited battery capacity.

Yes, true I need to keep reseting my watch to get functions to work again. having a back up of settings makes it less annoying.
I just got very excited when I saw there was a software update... fall detection, but still no ecg 😔
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