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Fit3 needs fixing (GPS workouts not syncing)

(Topic created on: 23-05-2024 05:13 PM)
So I've had the fit3 for about 1 and a half and it's been interesting my main problem that still hasn't been fixed is the GPS crashing the app when trying to view it on phone. I've seen that others have this problem and they say to uninstall s-health and that should fix it. But it hasn't and after the most recent update still nothing. The whole point of the watch was to be a fitness tracker yet the main big fitness part cardio doesn't track or sync to the phone. 
I know no-one will see this post so it's pointless in me talking about it but I don't care I paid for a product to work and it just doesn't work. Love samsung but it seems like this product is just a one and done thing not much love was put into this like other products.
Oh well wonder if they will ever fix the problem.
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I have just bought the Fit 3 today, because another FitBit Charge display had died on me. I was hoping to that the Fit 3 would work well with Samsung Health, and I guess it does in general, but there is this bug with the GPS connection. I was trying it out on a run. It recorded the run on the Fit 3 watch, but the run would not sync to the Samsung Health app.
What I tried was: On the phone, if you go to Settings --> Apps --> Galaxy Fit3 Plugin and then in "Permissions" change "Location" from "Allow all the time" to something else, this will fix the syncing problem, so exercises like runs can be recorded using the Fit 3 watch and they will sync to the phone, but apparently without GPS data. The Fit 3 does not have an onboard GPS, so it relies on a connection to your smartphone for tracking GPS coordinates for a run and there is a bug in that connection somewhere. The outcome seems to be that if a run is being tracked on the Fit 3 with a GPS connection to the phone, then the tracked data cannot transfer to the phone at all.
What will work is if you use the Samsung Health App on your smartphone and start your GPS tracking workout (run, walk or bike) on there. That will accurately track the GPS data of your workout and also connect to your Fit 3 for things like heart rate data. The drawback: you will not see the progress on your Fit 3 while you work out (i.e. distance, heart rate etc.).
I have actually tried what will happen if you start a workout on both, the Fit 3 and the phone and the result is duplicate exercise entries. You will get a run tracked by the phone, with GPS data and heart rate data and you will get a run tracked by the phone, but without GPS data.

I will now just start all workouts using GPS using the Samsung Health app on the Smartphone and then I hope that Samsung will fix that issue eventually.

I had experienced problems with failing GPS connection between fitness tracker and smartphone before but fit a FitBit Charge 3. So, I think issues here are not necessarily unique to Samsung.

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It's kind of weird I faced this problem too and if you start Samsung health on phone to work on background and then run workout from band GPS will work.

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Check your power saving mode. For me GPS doesn't work for training, but I had power saving mode ON all the time, even when I explicitly added action to turn on GPS, when I start training in modes it still didn't work. Just today I tried to remove power saving mode and it started to track GPS data. 
Would be nice to figure out how to actually make it from power saving mode to turn on GPS only