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Diabetes woes: Samsung, can you add "Raise wrist to wake" to the Quick panel?

(Topic created on: 12-09-2021 01:01 PM)

The main reason for me having a smartwatch (besides being an IT geek who loves gadgets) is that I need to manage my diabetes type 1. I like to be active, so there are some ups and downs in my glucose levels that a more sedentary live style would avoid.
So I absolutely need reliable alarms from my continous gluose monitoring systems. Ideally, no alarm sounds from my mobile that would wake my wife at night - I prefer vibration on my smartwatch.

Here, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm is excellent. The continuous glucose monitoring system that I am stuck with (literally!) is the Abbot Libre 2. If you start the stick-on sensor with your mobile, the sensor will send alarms to that phone via bluetooth so that the phone (or the smartwatch connected to it) can alert you that glucose is too high or - most important - too low. The Abbot FreeStyle LibreLink app is good, but kinky. I never quite got it to work with my Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and my Sony Xperia 5 II. There was always a warning from the app that alarms were off (I prefer my phone to be silent and the watch to vibrate) and sometimes I had indeed hypoglycemias without alarms.

The good news: My Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm paired to the Galaxy S21 works flawlessly! No more warnings from the Abbot FreeStyle LibreLink app that my alarms are off, and I do get vibration on my watch without sound or vibration on my phone. EXCELLENT!

Now comes my request to Samsung:

For some weird reason, the Abbot FreeStyle LibreLink app warns me that my alarms are off when I activate bed time mode EVEN if I put in an override condition for the FreeStyle LibreLink app. This is of course beyond the control of Samsung.

However: When I lift my arm at night, the watch display goes on since I turn on "Raise wrist to wake" at daytime. I would like to switch "Raise wrist to wake" off at night, but it is 3 menu levels down.

My request to Samsung: Can you add the "Raise wrist to wake" display setting to the settings available in the Quick panel?

My current workaround is to activate battery saving mode, which amongst several things turns off wake up gestures.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic
Galaxy Watch4 


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Thanks for sharing your experience, it was helpful. Could you tell me, please, how did you manage to get Libre Link app on your smartwatch? It doesn't seem to be that easy.. 

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I in the same boat though I have a Galaxy Watch and a Galaxy S22 Ultra and would like to get alarms and readings on the watch.

I have googled this a all they it is possible but no one gives instructions on how to go about this.

Any help would be appreciated! 

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Hope you got this sorted?