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Can not install samsung health update.


After Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm with One UI update,  I can't install Samsung health update on the watch. Watch just disconnects when update is installing. I have Samsung Galaxy S9 (One UI)  &   Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (One UI).

maybe you're right
Didn't work for me

I am also facing this issue for a loong time now. I have contacted 5 times  Samsung and also the Support dpt. and followed All their instructions and even sent them the log issues that are autimatically created. Result...Nothing lol.....Also tried several times Reset , Reboot, Factory Hard reset....But No Luck.

Samsung is either Unable or Incapable to fix this 👎👎👎

This is very Frustrating and a shame too



Hi guys and gals.

I stopped wearing my watch and switched it to watch only mode to save battery. After 2 days I did turn off watch only mode to check if something got better, not that I had some hopes but I missed all the tracking and training stuff.

And surprise. Sensors are back. Try this maybe it will work for someone.


Still Samsung it's not good that device stops/starts to work properly when it wants with no clear reason. I'm afraid when/if this happens again. We expect support for this amount of money we paid....


Maybe those 2 issues - sensor stuff and sHealth app not updating aren't really connected. Because app is not updating still. But maybe they are, maybe watch only mode disables all, and turning this off recovers system to some stable state after failed update.


Hi Mike,

How do you Switch to "watch only mode"?


Settings -> Battery options
Thank u

So this is a widespread issue, hopefully Samsung will fix it soon. I'll be contacting local Samsung support next week - I don't think they'll have a solution but I want to report the problem more "officially".


BTW, the situation on the US Samsung forum is laughable. I found this thread:


It's marked as solved, fantastic! So I click "Go to solution" and what's there? Call support, here's the number...


sHeatlh update failing is probably not connected to the sensors disappearing. It is barometer app that fails the sensors.


According to this article from Sammobile, there's a software update for Galaxy Watch which improves the stability of a Samsung Health update. 

For the moment, I dont have this SW update for my watch but I really hope it fixes our problem here.

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