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Band not detecting cycling/walking well, no workouts displayed

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I don't check the app that often, but I'd like to keep track of steps, distance and active time. The past two days, I've been doing a cycling vacation and I was interested in the stats. They seem to be absent. Help? 


Opening the app, I can see it detected in the order of 25000 steps (even though I hardly got off the bike. Issue #1). It hardly ever seems to detect activities right,but I wanted to figure out what it did measure. And if it has any idea of the distance covered. I would OK it to match it with my Google activity, which has a pretty good idea of my GPS location, via the phone... There's no recent workouts (issue # 2). I pressed 'sync' a couple of times, checked whether I had the last version of the firmware and apps (I do), and what other workouts were detected (latest one was on Monday, 2 days ago)


I suspect there's still some data in the band that hasn't synced. I also suspect the auto detect of workouts is horrible and that u should not trust this band to keep track of anything worthwhile without starting activities myself, which I categorically refuse for something like this. The band is supposed to make tracking my activities easy. Not to turn me in a human stopwatch,that I have to start by hand, every time I go somewhere. There's software for that.


Now that I'm here:

Issue #3: the band sometimes vibrates without any discernable reason. No message or anything is displayed.


Issue #4: when I do a longer hike, like a day, and have maybe 3 or 4 stops in total, the band usually detects the walk pretty well. But instead of these larger chunks, I often get 20 or so chunks of a kilometer or two. I read it will turn off an activity when it does not detect it for a minute, and some if those might be caused by checking the map for a while, but I've seen activities end while I was actually on the move. What is wrong with that thing? And is there any way to lengthen the 1m to 5 or so? It should forget about this time if the activity really ended, for the purposes of activity length and averages


Hope you got this far :face-with-tears-of-joy:

If you have any ideas in getting a better response from the band, for any of those issues, please leave a reply! 

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