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android 13 feb update broke my bluetooth connection to pixel 5 and galaxy watch 4

(Topic created on: 26-02-2023 11:48 PM)
Rob Chapman

So after latest android update I noticed that my watch kept disconnecting to bluetooth. In the past, previous updates had broken connectivity and functionality also so I tried updating all devices including samsung apps on phone and phone wear OS versions etc.   No Joy, after sevel attempts it wont connect to bluetooth for long enough to set itself up...   

It actually shows 2 watch4 devices when I try to pair.. neither or both work long enough once paired correctly to set the galaxy watch4 up to the phone (Pixel 5) .  looking at android 13 as a the culprit as it was working perfectly fine previously,  I contacted Google support as the only option for support in the UK for Samsung is to send the physical device to a store?  Google support  suggested a lot of things and resets that also did not work and finally wanted me to do a factory reset on my pixel 5. before I tried this I have an old Pixel 3 spare with android 12 on. I tried this and it worked perfectly fine.!

So I was going to be satisfied with using my old phone and my watch for reading my sleep data etc but NO, Samsung Health app in thier ultimate wisdom have declared that this app will only work with a sim card installed... what a joke!  am so frustrated with Samsung and google and quality control am looking for alternatives for sleep and heart tracking.