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A QOL needed for smart watches

(Topic created on: 05-11-2021 11:05 PM)
First Poster
Smart watches like the Active and Gear series from Samsung are effectively zero downtime devices, they track your steps, exercise, pulse rate, even your sleep so long as you're wearing them constantly but there's a catch, they need charging, unlike dumb watches they are power hogs and need 30 minutes or more each day, which is just long enough to completely forget about them being on charge rather than on wrist meaning you can lose tracking data you didn't have to.

It would be amazing if they could make an alert tone and/or send a notification to the paired phone when these devices reach 100% charge.

These types of alert/notifications could be useful if expanded to a few more scenarios too:

- Watch disconnects from charging but doesn't go on wrist within a minute or so, this alerts the owner that charging has been probably unintentionally interrupted allowing them to fix it sooner and waste less time waiting on charging
- Watch and phone both alert when bluetooth connection is broken (not shut down gracefully), alerts owner that either of the devices may be being stolen or that they might have forgotten to take their devices with them. Much better to know you left your phone or watch at home while you can still see your home rather than when arriving at work or at the end of a jog, (though doesn't help if you forget both this is far less likely than just one)

Obviously users should be able to toggle these alerts but I believe they're relatively simple Quality of Life features that add to the user experience allowing owners to get the most out of their phones and watches and keep their things safer.

Incidentally when I asked CS for help with this they gave the rude suggestion that I should dedicate some of my time to periodically checking on the devices to assertain charge levels rather than resolve this QOL... Smart devices are generally there to make life easier for their owners, even suggesting I divert just 1% of my time (six seconds every ten minutes) to physically check the watch or look at the wearables app on my phone to see if it's charged yet to compensate for a crappy design choice is irritating. Especially as I was asking for help precisely because that 'solution' had failed me multiple times.