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One UI 3 upgrade with Android 11

(Topic created on: 17-05-2021 09:47 AM)

Hi all! 

We'd like to inform you about the One UI 3 upgrade with Android 11 update for our Galaxy customers in the Nordics. Below is the detailed information. Please note that the dates for the update are preliminary and might change 🤗


Completed models

Galaxy Fold 2021-Jan
Galaxy S10e 2021-Feb
Galaxy S10 2021-Feb
Galaxy S10+ 2021-Feb
Galaxy S10 5G 2021-Jan
Galaxy Note10 2021-Jan
Galaxy Note10+ 2021-Jan
Galaxy S10 Lite 2020-Dec
Galaxy Z Flip 2020-Dec
Galaxy Note10 Lite 2021-Feb
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 2021-Jan
Galaxy Z Flip 5G 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20+ 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20+ 5G 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20 5G 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20 FE 2020-Dec
Galaxy S20 FE 5G 2021-Jan
Galaxy Note20 2020-Dec
Galaxy Note20 5G 2020-Dec
G Note20 Ultra 5G 2020-Dec
Galaxy A10 2021-Sep
Galaxy A20e 2021-Jun
Galaxy A40 2021-Apr
Galaxy A50 2021-Mar
Galaxy A70 2021-Mar
Galaxy A80 2021-Apr
Galaxy Xcover4s 2021-Jul
Galaxy Tab A L 2021-Jul
Galaxy Tab A L 2021-Jun
Galaxy Tab S5e 2021-May
Galaxy Tab S5e 2021-May
G TAB S6 2021-Mar
G TAB S6 2021-Mar
Galaxy A30s 2021-Jun
Galaxy A20s 2021-Jul
G TAB Active Pro 2021-Jun
Galaxy A71 2021-Mar
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2021-Mar
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2021-Mar
Galaxy XCover Pro 2021-Feb
Galaxy A41 2021-May
Galaxy A51 2021-Mar
Galaxy A21s 2021-Apr
Galaxy A42 5G 2021-Mar
Galaxy A51 5G 2021-Mar
Galaxy Tab A 2021-Apr
G TAB Active3 2021-May
Galaxy Tab S7 2021-Jan
Galaxy Tab S7+ 2021-Jan
Galaxy A12 2021-May
Galaxy A02s 2021-May






The list will be updated every month - so keep an eye to see the latest news for your phone.


The Community Team 🤝 



// ElinH
After this Update my phone started network problem poor singel drop from 4g to no internet . I tyred everything i could reset etc etc nothing work .went to service shop and no help infect thy ask me to buy new phone. *****