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Different language boards on the Community

(Topic created on: 07-06-2021 01:12 PM)

Hi all,


Some of you might know this already, but the Samsung European Community is, in fact, several different language Communities that are all inter-connected. For us in the Nordics we are extra connected to the UK discussion forum, as we operate on the same product boards and share questions and answers with each other (hence writing in English). Moving between the communities and interacting on them is pretty easy to do too. 


1. If you're accessing the Samsung European Community via a web browser, scroll down to the bottom of any Community page to get to the footer, and click into the language option to bring up a drop-down/up menu:





2. Click on one of those to take you to that language's Community Homepage - and explore from there.


Each language Community is structured very similarly, so you should be able to quickly figure your way around the places. But, should you need assistance, each of the Communities has their own Moderator and Management teams, along, of course, with the friendly neighbourhood Superusers. 


So browse what other folks around Europe are talking about (you might need a little help from Google translate) - and pop in to have a chat and make new friends too! 😀

// ElinH