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With extended signal enabled and a hdr 2.1 cable no HDR option shows up on windows 10 with 60hz.

(Topic created on: 26-09-2021 06:54 PM)
First Poster

Hello there.

Am hoping anyone of you might have a solution to the issue I have.
I have a QE55Q90TATXXC, says on the tin that it is able to display hdr with 60hz and I am fairly certain it does when I view content natively on it.
However once I hook it up to my PC with a hmdi 2.1 cable that should be able to support the required bandwidth and have a graphics card capable of said output (a nvidia 3080). But once I do, I only have 30hz available with HDR.

Following the guide to enable this provided by samsung, it says to enable extended signal, that I have but it still only displays 30hz in windows screen settings and nvidias control panel. 😞

As far as I know there are not screen drivers that I need, should be plug and play. So do anyone of you have any clues that I can try?