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USB hdd movie play - remember the movie position?

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I want to buy a new uhd tv. I find good the UE43MU6102 or 6122, but what is very important for me: I play movies from usb hdd, and if I stop playing movie in a position and switch off the tv, it need to remember the position, where I stopped.

Now I have an le32c530. This tv remembers the viewing position for all movies, even if I watched it a year ago.

I don't want to buy media player for this, I want to use the tv. I found this info nowhere. I just could try this in an lg smart tv, and when I switched of the tv, it forgot the position.

Maybe, if these UE tv-s also forgot the position, can you suggest another type?


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I have Ue55nu7475, a 2018' tv, and it doesn't remember any movie position when you turn off the tv. How is it that possible?

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