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How to Set Up your Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 01-04-2020 01:35 PM)

Hi all! 


Getting the most out of your Samsung TV all starts with the set up! Here's a handy guide to help you out!



The Set Up.

Whilst the on screen instructions are pretty intuitive and it walks you through everything. Thought I'd write it out so it's easier to follow!

  1. Select your Country.
  2. Enter a new PIN. (Make sure this is a PIN you will definitely remember, it could be worth writing it down and storing it somewhere).
  3. Now connect and turn on all your devices and the aerial.
  4. Select if you want to use Intelligent Mode.* 
  5. Choose your WiFi network from the list and enter your password.
  6. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Sign into your, or create a new, Samsung account.
  8. Here's where you can run a backup from an older/different TV.
  9. Identify yourself by entering your postcode and TV service provider.
  10. Then create your Smart Hub by downloading apps, or moving certain apps onto the Home Screen.

Then just enjoy your TV. 10 easy steps to set up your TV.


Smart Things

You can also set up Smart Things on your phone, which you can use to connect your TV to other devices, or even use your phone as a remote! You can download it, and find out more info about it here.

  • Sign up simply by using the Samsung Account you've just created. 
  • It will then automatically connect your phone to your TV.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.


Well, I hope this helps some of you out, just as much as it helped me. Just comment below if you need anything else! 


*Maybe you're watching a horror movie in a dim room. If you turn on Intelligent Mode, it will detect the amount of ambient light and adjust the backlight brightness, so you can see what's around every dark corner.

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