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Unable to select Dolby digital + on Q90 connected via arc to Q90R soundbar


I have just recently purchased both the 55Q90 tv and matching soundbar. Reading through here on the forum I can see that earc is awaited for this set to allow for non lossy audio and the soundbar has just received a 1010.5 update which is part way there but not quite!


Both the TV and Soundbar report the latest firmware versions and despite using two HDMI cables I cannot set anything higher than Dolby Digital with the resultant issue that Netflix and Apple TV only allow 5.1 and do not display Atmos against known compatible titles. When unplugging the soundbar the TV states that Atmos enabled audio device connected, however still cannot select digital+ in expert mode. The soundbar simply states arc connected with no change to display when selecting different audio formats.


Am I missing something straightforward? 

Appreciate any help that you can provide and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Cracked it with the help of the post at the bottom of page 29 at this link;

I entered the amazon prime video Samsung app, streamed Jack Ryan and then entered the tv sound settings, expert and behold, Dolby Digital + was not greyed out. Selected that option and then opened the Samsung Netflix app, selected series Dark and it now displays the Dolby Atmos logo. Sounds better than before I noticed things were not setup correctly.

I hope this proves useful to others that will, no-doubt hit this issue. Software bugs arggggh!

It took me 8 hours of research of how to play dolby atmos material from my Q90 and this literally fixed it - it let me play netflix material with atmos.


Thanks , I called Samsung support and was told that th tv didn't support dolby Atmos . I then went and bought an apple TV 4k to get it . Now I have read your post I to have cracked the grey Dolby digital plus puzzle set by Samsung . I am putting a formal complaint into Samsung about this as I now have a redundant £180 streaming box . Ps thanks again .


Hey Ritchie,


the TV does not support Dolby Atmos TrueHD though as it requires eARC to be transfered via HDMI - this lossless adio format might be supported by your AppleTV 4k and you can make it shine by plugging it directly to your sound system (since the Q90R does not support eARC, plugging it in to the TV Box won't help 😕 - this however will be patched according to Samsung).


However no streaming platform supports TrueHD so having the AppleTV is redundant (as by now) and the Samsung support really ***** up in your case.



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