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UE46C5100 - MainBoard has been changed. Please go into service mode ...

(Topic created on: 24-02-2023 01:40 PM)
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Hello Samsung,


I have an old TV Led UE465100QWXXU series that I bought a long time ago. 
Recently this message appears on the screen when I turn my TV on:

" Main Board has been changed. Please go into service mode and setup below options: -Type, Local Set, Font Color Options. "

When I go into service mode I can see indeed there is no type in the place - Type NONE 
What should I select here for my type of the TV ? 
The other Local Set, Font Color Options are pretty much clear however in the model TYPE I know you have to be careful what you choose.

My problem is that after when this message appear only one HDMI input works. The all have worked before.

I realize that the TV is out of support however maybe you have somewhere in your database info what is correct setup for this TV inside the service mode. I believe this should resolve the problem.

The motherboard has been changed sometime ago (old one died) and everything was working perfectly since.  The motherboard installed was not exactly from the same model though (it was from UE40C5700) but I dont think there was a big difference as since my research there was couple of models working on the similar motherboards. 
What more when I downloaded the software for motherboard for my model: UE465100QWXXU it was recognized and successfully installed but it has not resolved the problem in question. So I believe these motheboard where on some kind of firmware design for those models as per my research by the serial numbers of motherboard.  I compared then the software update for my model and for the model of the motherboard which I installed and they are exactly the same.

When I go to service mode I can see that HDMI 3 is fail - EDID was off - I turned it on. Did factory reset too - nothing helps. I can see that HDMI3 once the cable is inserted comes up under the list of sources however no signal is being detected there. So now if I want to use my TV or PS have to switch them over to working HDMI input :smiling-face: not a big deal but not really comfortable. :winking-face:

I'm attaching pictures from the screen.
Any help will be highly appreciated as the TV works perfectly otherwise. 




Same problem here bro. Any resolution for you yet?