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UE 32f6400 screen miroring problem

(Topic created on: 21-10-2017 08:56 PM)
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Hello all,


hope you can help me solve this issue.


I've trying to cast my Windows 10 laptop's desktop to my Samsung ue 32 f6400  Smart TV over screen mirroring.

I have correctly added the TV as a Connected device to my laptop. When I set the TV on "Screen Mirroring" and try to connect the laptop to a wireless display, the laptop shows as "connected" ,  but on the TV the picture of the laptop has not come( i see a black screen on tv with a circle loading up and right corner on tv  and after a few seconds of "loading" an error message shows up saying "The video data is not supported".


I can successfully cast my smartphone screen to the same TV with no problem.. I have updated all the drivers on the laptop and the TV runs the latest version of the software 2126.




Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem? i want to work my laptop with the tv via miracast .


 my laptop supports miracast. i have update all drivers. i have windows 10 recently updated from windows 10 version 1703 to windows 10 version 1709 . the problem exist in old and new version of windows 10 .



Samsung UE65F6400 also has the same problem and asks to use AllSahre Cast, which is outdated ...
When will Samsung update its software on TV?

Microsft is suggesting to change drivers, that does not work.