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TheFrame Slideshow feature request (#2)

(Topic created on: 28/09/20 21:10)

Hi Samsung,


any official response on this old thread? It has been 14 months since the thread was started and my brand new Samsung TheFrame 2020 (43") still suffers from an inadequate slideshow implementation. 


We should be able to

a. start the slideshow from any image in a collection

b. shuffle (or randomize) a collection

c. skip next/prev image in a collection

d. set the default mount for a collection

e. apply a mount across a selection of images

f. repeat the slideshow forever


Also the 0.5GB memory limitation is a joke. This TV is an internet device! It should be able to load images from a cloud-based photo album such as lightroom/flickr/google photos/etc. 


I am still optimistic the Samsung product team will understand that it is letting down a fanatic following that are its best ambassadors.

First Poster

I am in agreement with the requests to have these features implemented in the Art Mode.


When I purchased my 75" Frame just before Christmas, I purchased it based on it's primary advertised feature being the Art Mode.  As this piece of art is the primary focal point in my homes great room, I am disappointed that it does not provide this function in the way I was lead to believe it does.


I got here (forum) so I could figure out what I was doing wrong, only to discover that this art piece is much less of an art piece and much more a basic good TV.


It's a start, but in order to be taken seriously as the art of piece it's touted to be, at minimum the requests represented here and in the feature request/demand thread need to be addressed.


I would like to add that I am somewhat appalled that Samsung is not even responding to the forum users.  As a business owner myself, I see the user input from forums like this to be a fantastic tool to get into heads of my prospective customers to bolster sales by offering them what they want and providing a product that meets or exceeds the advertised claims.  It also gives insight into how the current advertisements are being interpreted so alterations can be made to ensure interpretations align with the products capabilities.


If that is how Samsung is using this valuable data source then they need to communicate that hastily and honestly.  The current level of communication reeks of "We Don't Care".  Is that the message you want your readership to see?