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The frame 2019 55" restarts by itself few times every morning

(Topic created on: 29-12-2021 10:30 AM)


My TV (The frame 55" 2019) has started to have this behaviour for about the past 2 months:

Every morning when my kid is watching TV, e.g. youtube or other streaming service, the tv reboots after a few minutes. It does it, 2-3 times then the TV works fine for the rest of the day. The next day, it happens again.

When this happens, it always shows an error message before restarting concerning network connectivity. The TV is connected vis LAN cable and connectivity is not an issue (I have tested this thoroughly).

Here is what I've tried, so please don't ask me to do it again:

- Check network connectivity
- cold boot of the TV (following the procedure described in the manual, i.e. removing power, wait a few minutes - I waited half an hour - then plug the cable again).
- Firmware update: the issue was seen with firmware 1385, I upgraded to 1392. After doing that, the next day the problem did not occur but another day and it was there again.

So, I think this must be a firmware issue, since the TV, purchased early 2020 has worked fine for 18 months until this happened I wonder if it's not a regression (auto update is enabled, but for some reason it didn't want to update from 1385 to 1392 so I had to do that manually) ?

Thanks for your help, anyone!


It's a firmware update the issue
There no way to uninstall it
Other than a TV reset

You could try Below

Power off the tv and wait for 5 seconds

Press info button then menu and mute button and power button to enter in to service menu.

Click ok on Factory reset

Once you enter service menu, click on options.

Now click ok on Factory reset

your Samsung smart tv will be turned on and will be restarting on its own.

Note: wait for few seconds until your Samsung smart tv turns on.

Click on setup and setup your smart tv and follow your onscreen instruction on your smart tv

Rebooting issue should be fixed


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I only have a Smart remote so I cannot perform the procedure that you describe.

I can reset the TV from the menu but that does not perform a factory reset, so the firmware version sticks to 1392 and the issue is still present after a Reset of the TV.

Browsing through other people's issues with Samsung TVs I came across a problem with eco-mode and sure enough, when I disabled automatic TV turn off, the problem vanished!

Sounds like an easy firmware fix to me, I am quite surprised that Samsung is not doing anything about that. This is not quite up to the standard I expected from Samsung, especially when buying a premium TV from them.

Hopefully a fix will come soon.


I went into settings, and found the "auto update" settings, and turned that off. Learned about that from another post. Its been a few days now and it seems to behave better now.