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Smart TV showing Incorrect Programme Information

(Topic created on: 23-06-2024 01:34 PM)

Samsung TV UE22H5610AK

The actual TV Guide shows correct information but the scheduling function (pressing the select button on the directional part of the remote) to show the details of the current programme brings up incorrect details. More precisely it brings up details of the programme that was on that channel from 1 am last Thursday!

I have tried many full resets, unplugging the set but it still reverts to these details. At first after a reset the details in the top bar are correct but as soon as you change channel it displays last Thursday am’s info.

Today, following a prompt on the screen I pressed the green button to schedule a viewing and the programme details to select showed the broadcast date as 1 Jan.

The set is connected to the internet and it tells me that the software is up to date.

Is there a harder reset that can be applied? Any other solutions?

Thanks in advance. 

Yt sounds like your Samsung TV UE22H5610AK is experiencing issues with its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) displaying incorrect information and not updating properly. Here are some steps and considerations to try resolving this issue:

1. **Check Time and Date Settings**: Ensure that the time and date settings on your TV are correct. Incorrect settings can sometimes cause EPG issues. You can usually find these settings in the TV's menu under Time or Setup.

2. **Update Channel List**: Try updating the channel list on your TV. This can sometimes refresh the EPG data and correct any inconsistencies. Look for an option in your TV's settings related to channel tuning or channel list update.

3. **Perform Factory Reset**: Since you've already tried full resets and unplugging the TV without success, consider performing a factory reset again. This will reset the TV to its original settings and may help resolve the EPG issue. Remember to set up your TV again after the reset.

4. **Check Signal Strength**: Ensure that your TV is receiving a strong and stable signal from your antenna or cable connection. Weak signals can sometimes cause EPG data to display incorrectly or fail to update properly.

5. **Contact Samsung Support**: If the issue persists after trying these steps, it may indicate a more complex software or hardware issue. Contact Samsung support for further assistance. They may suggest additional troubleshooting steps or recommend servicing your TV if necessary.

Regarding a "harder reset," performing a factory reset is typically the most comprehensive reset you can perform on your TV. It's designed to clear out any software issues and restore the TV to its default state.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the EPG display issue on your Samsung TV.Y

Thank you for your reply. 

The problem basically resolved itself a couple of days after I posted the original query. 

Thanks again.