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Slideshows on The Frame - please upgrade primitive options

(Topic created on: 25-12-2020 05:36 PM)
First Poster

It is very disappointing and terribly frustrating to have the lovely display technology of The Frame limited by embarassingly primitive Art Mode setup software that Samsung has promised but not yet upgraded.  After several years on the market these options should be made available immediately:  1--make multiple, different slideshows with unique names, and choose which slideshows to run; 2--click and drag to select images/photos to upload from USB or cellphone app AND to change the sequences of images in the slideshows; 3--preview slideshow images quickly.  The lack of flexibility is not what got Samsung a reputation for innovation; The Frame looks more and more just like a means to sell electronic artwork than the way for artists and photographers to display their own work.  Samsung you really can do better.


P Spirn

Boston, MA, USA