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Server Maintenance

(Topic created on: 28/02/21 22:15)
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Bought a brand new Samsung TU8000 55" today!

Installation was easy up to the part where it needed to connect to a Samsung server before i could use the TV.

20+ times in a row, i get the message that the server is under "maintenace" "please try again later".

Well, after 11 hours, it still doesnt work. I called the seller, they told me to do a factory reset on the TV. Done that six times. Unplugged between the reset every time. No difference. Ive tried with both cable and wifi, same result.

After searching around here, it seems that quite a few ppl have the same problem. 

Unless you guys have a magic solution to this, im bringing back this POS to the seller, and grab a LG instead.