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Screen shadow (sometimes)

(Topic created on: 04-03-2021 03:14 AM)
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Hi everyone,

apologies if this has been brought up before.

I’ve got a Samsung UE55KU6500 and it has caused nothing but hassle. Samsung has replaced the screen twice now due to vertical lines, but recently I’ve had a shadow in the the centre of the screen, maybe about 6 inches wide. I though it was the led backlights but the tv doesn’t always have the shadow.

i have noticed the tv gets quite hot in the bottom right hand corner, and the shadow only appears when the tv has been on for a little while. Usually for the first hour or so the picture is perfect, then when warm the shadow comes back. if I play about with the trim at the bottom of the tv the shadow usually goes away, but comes back within an hour or so.

what could this be? Loose connection? Maybe the backpanel pressing on a cable/ribbon?

If it was the led backlights would the shadow stay on all the time?

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any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Same issue here, a dark vertical band on the screen but sometimes it disapeares. You found a fix for it yet?