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Screen keeps turning off randomly

(Topic created on: 26-09-2020 12:06 PM)
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My folks just gave us there old (8yrs old) tele and it’s got an issue.

really hoping cause of its age that it’s a known issue and has a fix. Not in position to get a new tv or pay for a repair guy to have a look and then buy parts. So have all my fingers and toes crossed to an answer from you lot.

tv model is UE55ES6300


after a random time the screen turns off, few seconds later it comes back on, most the time it happens after 5-10 mins but sometimes not for hours, also a few times when I’ve come to turn tv on it does nothing, (red light flashes) only way to get it on is remove power cable from tv and push back in.


i have done all the common fixes, like sleep timer, eco, standby etc.

i have reset to default, it’s got latest update, done via online, and also downloaded via Samsung support and used USB.

ive changed to power cord, network cable and aerial, (only them 3 things plugged in).

ive changed the fuse on the power board aswell, just in case. And I’ve even replaced the power board itself. As was only £9 online (2nd hand)

done that as looking online at similar tv makes The above solved them, not for me tho.


looked up a few other pats, but getting costly and no guarantee, (eg £43 for Peripheral board etc).


i know it’s an old tv and many will just think I should replace with new, but as said, money is tight and unless I HAVE to, then I would rather repair it, I also like fixing things lol.


cheers guys

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Si tiene wifi, desconecta el módulo del wifi, suele dar problemas. Conecta a internet por cable. Un saludo