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Samsung TV Scanning for Devices

(Topic created on: 23-01-2023 08:52 AM)
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I am currently very frustrated because for some reason I am not able to get my PS5 working on my TV.

I am on the model SAMSUNG QE55QN700B. When I connect my newly bought Playstation 5, it will for a millisecond show the screen, then it will start "scanning for devices". After it has scanned, it will say that the PS5 was detected succesfully, but when I try to go the playstation source, it says "HDMI Cable: No Signal". I have tried all the HDMI Ports aswell as 3 different HDMI Cables and none of them work.

I have tried another TV aswell as another Monitor and the connection works, so it is 100% the fault when it start Scanning for devices.

I have also fully reset the tv twice with no luck.

Is it possible to turn off the function to scan devices and just use the port for what it is? it is extremely frustrating knowing the the Playstation works everywhere else apart from the TV im trying to play on.

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I can confirm that it isn't a PS5 problem (EDIT:because mine happens with a digibox and an Xbox One), I'm having a slightly different issue but I too want to disable this pointless feature, afterall none of my devices can be controlled by my remote so the feature doesn't do anything except stop me from using my TV for a while, regularly. 

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The problem is still happening with my Q80T and it has nothing to do with the devices connected - it's the same PC, same video card. Every time I reconnect HDMI cable, the prompt shows up.


Samsung please stop adding those useless smart features that nobody uses, or I'll pick a different brand as soon as they get same good graphics.