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Samsung The Frame 2020 65LS03T & One Connect Cable Option

(Topic created on: 10-11-2020 03:11 AM)
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Basically, for what I want to achieve at home the 5m cable that comes with the 2020 model would not be long enough - I am being told by a supplier that they have checked twice with Samsung and VG-SOCR15 (2019 model) cable option will definately work; then when contacting the (very few) suppliers of the cable they say they are not compatible.

Does anyone know the actual answer? Has anyone used a 15m cable with the 2020 model tv's? - I don't want to risk spending £1,800 on the tv and £200 on the cable given the supplier of the tv does not have stock of the cable (i.e I cannot then send the whole lot back).


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