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Samsung Smart TV Several Issues

(Topic created on: 25-03-2021 07:51 PM)
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So my TV has been working for many years until the end of last year start of this year 2020/2021.  It would just delete apps from my smart hub without any notice forcing me to reapply them.  It would do it to my game consoles as well.  Now it has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet.  All my other devices work fine, I can see other networks but the one I want to connect to it says it has no access to it.  When I try to obtain my IP address automatically it fails, tried entering it manually it does not work.  I had no problems with this TV until now and it only seems to be getting worse and worse.  Anyone know of any solutions or fixes?

Thank you

Also TV model is UN453MU6300 a 43'' 4k Samsung Smart TV software Version T-KTMAKUC-1290.3, BT - S

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Hi @Jedda   I have checked and you have latest firmware which was released January 2021,  Have you tried both a Smart Hub and Factory Reset, to see if that makes any difference to the apps.

However regarding the Internet issue would reset the router by unplugging from mains and trying again.    However you may need to change the DNS Settings,  Go to  Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings.   Change from Automatic to   to or These are the Google servers or alternatively could try Open DNS or  see more here 

This is the actually the  UK/Ireland  forum in the European communities  and as you have a US model you may also wish to seek advice there , we would not be able to offer more specialised support if that was needed. 



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