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Samsung Smart TV Series 6 and Rumble 3 years still waiting?

(Topic created on: 02-05-2023 06:52 PM)
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Why has Samsung still not placed the "Rumble" app?

This has been asked multiple times over the past 2-3 years, what is takign so long to place this app as an available download to our TV's.


Well what the excuse*


I paid good money for 2 Samsung TVs and it seems to me their awful browser is way out of date and not updated, they don't allow other internet browsers or Video sharing apps that are of interest to us all.

Get your act together samsung or you will find people start to leave in large chucnhc, and I hope you are not following the narrative of globalist, corrupt governments and nefarious institutions trying to push a single narrative for as all to swallow rather than allowing the public to seak what they want to hear and see, which usuačy is hearing the 'TRUTH? and not propaganda.


So stick on Rumble app on the App section for your smart tv users to be able to see unfiltered videos sharing truth by reputable and truthful speaking vlogger.


Typical questions posted, but not answered with a solution:


Samsung Members Star ★
If an app is unavailable it is because the developers have not produced an app compatible with Samsung TVs or have not approached Samsung for their app to be on their TVs.
It is up to the app developers to approach Samsung, not the other way round.

They won't add it because rumble is the app for free speech & big tech is colluding with the US to crush  & silence all conservative voices. I would be surprised if samsung TV isn't listening to all of us.