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samsung sero is an interesting tv but with a lack of execution

(Topic created on: 07-01-2021 11:12 PM)

i bought the samsung sero just to have as a showpiece it's a tv but it can also act as a showpiece for anything i saw this as an intriguing reason to also get a qled tv as i would never buy a backlit tv otherwise but i can live with the downsides of that for a painting and not a viewing tv, the execution is extremely disappointing for the portrait mode, it has a portrait mode which has a total of 9 bland modes the music visualizer is interesting but it has no options no colors it's just one single animated ring but by far the best mode, the other ones being live wallpaper with looping sound that cuts at the end to begin loop again is even more disappointing as you listen to the sound then you hear it just ending and starting and ending and starting, the lack of clock options most being black which is an excellent way to show the downsides of backlit tvs, then we have ambitient mode it has all the showpiece options i wanted but the irony is it is not supported in portrait mode not even possible in portrait mode can't even force it, so to have it as a showpiece as i originally intended i have to either have it in landscape mode which defeats the purpose or connect a pc too it for some proper visual experiences, for a tv so based on being a showpiece i am disappointed that the main attraction was so limited, the fact that the back is plastic is also disappointing for such a tv, it should have been blue brushed aluminium, lastly the brightness is lacking in even ambient mode which also disappoints, i also don't see how you have to attach the stand it should have been like a surface pro stand that you just fold out, the viewing angles being bad also defeats the purpose of this tv


overall i think it's an interesting tv but with this much lack of ways to make use of it's portrait mode it's simply a gimmick and i am not sure if it's worth the money if i can't use it's intended function so if this were to be something i'd want i'd truly be happy with i'd make it


better panel with perfect viewing angles

properly designed back that really captures you such as brushed aluminium

app support for portrait mode so people can make apps for it as well as ambietient mode support

better stand that is already on the tv no assembly required and with the wheels already in the box

21-9 aspect ratio and other size options

the lean is way too extreme make it more subtle like the sony af9

offer customizability like with the frame maybe swapping out the speajer cover with a front panel different patterns colors etc 


this functions as a good tv for those that don't want a table to have it on but also a showpiece you get both in one so it has potential but as of now i am not sure if i want to keep it as i can't really use it for what i intended it for

First Poster

I have also just bought the Samsung Sero.  I am hoping that Samsung listen & improve the user experience in a future software update.

Things that could be fixed easily, that would make a big impact are:
 - in Portrait Mode, Voice Assistant is disabled (So no Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant)

 - Apps like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Tidal etc... don't scale in Portrait Mode, leaving 66% of the screen black.
 -  Ambient Mode only works in Landscape Mode.

 - Users should be able to customise/download better graphics using the Smart Things phone App.  Currently there are very few (only about 10 images) to display in Portrait Mode.
 - I also own a Samsung M70A Smart Monitor that is landscape, and has the TikTok App available.  So you would think that a vertical app would also be available on the Samsung Flagship Portrait TV.  No it i snot currently available on the TV that it would be perfect for.

I am hoping someone from the Product Team reads the Community and updates the Current Software version (1460) to address the quite obvious tweaks that are needed to greatly improve the user experience.

regards to all,

let's hope someone listens 🐵 Carlos

Did they ever fix any of this? Looking at buying one
Here is a new Samsung Sero TV Screensaver