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Samsung "moderated" negative review, by which I mean refused to publish. Honest but very negative.

(Topic created on: 20-12-2023 11:31 PM)
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I recently bought a QE55Q80C (2023) QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55 inch. Been trying to get confirmation from Samsung and John Lewis that it is meant to have USB Type C as it has Type A. Bought adaptors and new USB sticks before it arrived, which are a waste of money now.

Been struggling to get anything that resembles meaningful support from Samsung, and John Lewis is a non-UK call centre that just follows a script and seem to be *****.

Sharing here to see if anyone else has had this problem, but I am now pushing this out to every forum, complaining to Samsung and then advertising standards for the misleading port information and trading standard.

This is the review that Samsung has refused to publish, feel free to comment (unless Samsung "moderates" me again....

Such high hopes, but off to a horrible start......
Great picture and sound, but not USB-C and the worlds worst Smart Hub. To be forced to have a Samsung account to use it to play media and PS5 should be criminal. No idea how much of my usage data they are stealing. Being in the UK the forced Samsung TV Plus could make me liable for a tv license. They say you can delete channels in the Samsung TV Plus, spent 3 hours trying and watching videos and nope, they must have "updated" the software so you are stuck with it. On top of that the base/stand was a struggle as one of the threads on the back of the tv was not cut properly or had spot welding flux in it. Had to use a trick from working on old cars in the day where small incremental turns of in and then out can gradually cut a new thread. For the money paid I expected so much better than a ***** media player and garbage SmartHub with a forced Samsung account membership. Should have bought LG again, never had a problem with them, the only reason I did was this had a bit better reviews on sound and picture. Mind you it is 50% more power hungry than the equivalent LG, so with increasing electricity costs that is going to bite me in the A. So in short... Horrible media player. Forced Samsung account otherwise you cannot do anything with the TV. Samsung TV Plus is great if you want to pay for a TV Licence, which I don't as I don't watch live TV. Power usage like the TVs sole objective is to bring about climate change on its own. And a spec sheet that shows the wrong USB ports...... Glad I have a 5 year John Lewis warranty as on reddit people talk about the QLEDs failing just outside of warranty. I hope I grow to love it like I did my LG, but the issues around the account and forced apps makes me have my doubts.