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Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU HDMI compatibility issues with Sony Receiver/Amp - solution!


Okay folks


heres what happened.


I own a Sony STR-DN1080 Receiver/Amp into which all my HDMI devices connect into. It then is connected via HDMI to the TV.


However, when i bought my new Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU it simply would not communicate (handshake)  via HDMI no matter what.

It actually sent the display on my Sony Receiver completely "gaga" ! i.e. flickering as if it was getting a loop-back signal of some kind. Occasionally it would sound-pop the odd noise as well , but no image. (TV said, NO Device)

I now believe this is just what it HDMI loopback signal...because here is how  I fixed it (or rather, came up with a "workaround")....


What i did was very simple. I simply added a powered HDMI splitter inbetween the Sony Receiver and the TV!

and everything just started to work perfectly! I believe the introduction of the HDMI splitter was now somehow "blocking" whatever signals the Tv was sending back to the Receiver - (probably trying to detect what it was so it could control it!!)


So, here you go. Hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem.... 

Solution :

Sony Receiver - add a "powered" HDMI Splitter - TV

= working 100%








[update] - also tested a "directional one way HDMI lead but that did NOT work. Only the splitter has worked so far. I intend to try out an inline HDMI Extender/repeater (unpowered) just to see if that works. will post findings..

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