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Samsung Q85 (QE65Q85RATXXU) sound popping and cracking on external devices

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I’m currently on my third Q85 television set and before I pack this one up and send it back I’m hoping someone can help.


I have a Samsung QLED Q85 (only available in Europe I believe) connected to an Apple TV 4K, fire stick 4K and a PS4. The sound is fine when watching terrestrial tv and using apps through the tv itself, however when watching anything through any of the three external devices the sound pops, breaks and cracks. It’s intermittent, and sometimes there’s no problem at all, but if I notice it on one device, when I switch to another I am hearing the same problem. 


I’ve called Samsung several times and they have suggested it’s a compatibility issue which I find hard to believe given the popularity of the devices I’m trying to connect (I should also say the tv has no problem recognising the devices and is able to set the correct settings on the smart remote). I’ve changed the cables (even though I was already using high spec high speed hdmi cables), tried switching devices in different ports, performed factory resets on all devices, and ensured all software is up to date but it’s still happening. It was the same issue I had with the previous television (that I got replaced) so unless this is a known fault it can only be something I’m doing but am out of ideas.


I’ve made several adjustments to the setting such as turning anynet on/off. I only have the option of selecting PCM as the output. I have the tv connected to a sonos soundbar on a 5.1 setup via optical cable, however I also get the crackling when switching to the tv speaker so i’m confident it’s not the sound system.


Finally, samsung have performed several tests,

and have remotely reset the HDMI ports which temporarily resolved it but low and behold an hour later and it was back.


So all in all I’m pretty confused and all the basic troubleshooting steps I’ve found online don’t resolve the issue.


Samsung have escalated my recent issue with their technical support team, so I will post a response if they’re able to fix it. If anyone knows of anything else I might be missing and should try in the meantime, please let me know.


I love the picture and the tv itself so really hoping I can find a fix. Thanks so much in advance.

















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I'm having the same issue with my Samsung 55Q85, popping noises when using my blu-ray player (or DVD player).  I'm currently using a Sony 4K (X700) player, but it also did it with my Samsung Blu-ray player.  Can't believe this is a HDMI compatibility issue (as its also present with SAMSUNG HDMI devices).  I replaced the cables, but its still comes back.


@Samsung - What can be done about this issue?, TV's need to be used with HDMI device!!


I have the 75" samsung Q90R and it has the same issue while connected to a Samsung sound bar... this in combination with the fact i absolutely cannot disable smooth motion (even on game mode!) makes me think the TV is just bug ridden unusable rubbish... my ES9000 previously was amazing.

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Same problem here on my PS4. Did a reset of the HDMI ports with the help of support and also a reset, the popping stopped only until i turned off and on my tv.

If I change audio format on my PS4 from PCM to DTS or Dolby Digital it works flawlessly. 

So weird and so sad that the support doesn't have a solution for this *****ty problem. 


Hi, I have exactly the same issue with this model of TV (but the 55 inch version) with sound that pops and drops for micro periods ,almost a stutter. It happens sometimes when switching around between devices but once it starts it applies to any device connected via the one connect box. I have replaced all HDMI connections with the latest quality short length cables , tried many different configuration settings but to no avail. The only way I have found to stop it once started is to power cycle the TV and that isn't 100% sure to fix it. Sometimes it takes a few power cycles to stop. You can hear the fault most clearly as a clicking noise when increasing or decreasing the volume. It makes no difference if sound is via the in built speaker or sound bar set up. I have tried both.  Off air or off internet sources do not have this issue, it's only via HDMI. Since it applies to multiple devices, it's also not an external device fault. It must be related to either the one connect box, or the Interfacing for HDMI within the TV itself.  Perhaps firmware, but also could be hardware. It looks as if this type of fault is common amongst Samsung TV's and could be an inherent design flaw. Samsung need to get a grip with this one, as there will be more and more disgruntled owners  out there and the returns rate will grow. If anyone has found any solid way to consistently reproduce or stop the problem, there will be many of us keen to hear your experiences. I am extremely disappointed having spent a good amount on a TV upgrade to now being plagued with these sound issues which were very unexpected. Shame on you Samsung for releasing a troubled product and being slow off the mark to find a fix. 



I have exactly the same issue, very disappointing having spent a large amount of money on the TV that has at least 2 bugs that I’m aware of, 1. Popping sounds when external devices are connected and 2.  Lip-sync issues. First I have ever owned Samsung TV and it will be the last sorry to say.



It's related to the aerial or at least it was in our case. Quick fix for PS4 but doesn't work with Now Tv and other external devices. Unplugged the aerial (whilst watching via internet) and no popping noise. Plugged the aerial back in, its back. Apparently there's some sort of box in addition to the one connect that stops the signal interfering... not happy about buying anything else though after spending so much on the tv and sound accessories... Don't waste time buying and trying new hdmi cables!!!!


Do you have any idea what this additional box is.  I've used the filters which came with the tv.


Like literally a separate freesat box in addition to the one connect  😞 although that side isn't tried and tested yet... fortunately we stream nearly everything so just removing the aerial while watching on external devices is a temp fix


My audio popping is caused by the aerial also... i noticed some similar issues had been caused by the signal being too strong so i bought an adjustable attenuator... but it made no difference.


So far i have tried, firmware updates, ruled out soundbar (issue happens through tv speaker also), tried resetting the tv, changed hdmi cables, changed audio input format and finally tried the attenuator. only thing that fixes it is removing the Aerial cable. Next step for me is to buy a portable aerial as a test.

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