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Samsung Q60 Series doesn't recognize Tversity or Smartshare media sharing sources

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I have  3 Samsung Smart TV's:


The 2nd and 3rd TV's "see" the following DLNA media sharing apps that are running on my PC:

Windows Media Share, LG Smartshare and Tversity


However, the QN55Q60TAFXZA only sees Windows Media Share. Each of the 3 apps "see" all 3 TV's (i.e. show them in their list of authorized devices). Since all 3 TV's are connected to my wifi network, I have no idea as to why the one TV doesn't seem to recognize the other servers/sources.

I have perused the settings on all 3 TV's and on my router looking for any differences, but found nothing.


Can anyone help me solve this mystery? I even reluctantly tried the extreme step of resetting my  TV, but all that did was require me to reinstall several apps and redo logins, etc.

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