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Samsung! Please fix Ambient Mode!

(Topic created on: 18-03-2022 12:48 AM)

The problems with ambient mode, a highly advertised feature by Samsung, are numerous. The stupid thing is that this feature has so much potential, and the problem isn't with the technology, it's with the ambient mode programming team. It wouldn't take much to clean up this feature and make it what Samsung promised ...

In 2019 I bought 3 Samsung TVs with ambient mode. It was a feature promoted on the box to show pictures. Make the TV fade into the wall. It sounded great and I figured it'd let me cycle through a gallery of pictures. My 3 TVs would be art during the week and turn my theater area into a sports bar on weekends. 

From day one Ambient mode was a hassle. First, if you have a windows PC and iPhone, you couldn't upload pictures into the gallery. You could choose pictures one by one off your phone... but, the three TV's all synced the same picture eventually.  I eventually found a PC version of gallery and could upload my pictures. This kind of fixed the problem. They still all synced the same pictures but at least I could turn them on different times so they were on different pictures as they cycled.

This worked until Samsung shut down their cloud. I called and was told not to worry, Onedrive would replace it. Cool I thought, that would make it so much easier for me anyways than that Samsung Cloud software. 

Except, it didn't happen. At least I've not found a way to synch my TVs to a gallery of images. 

Samsung need to tweak Ambient mode so it does sync to a Onedrive Directory. And, they need to make it so each TV can use s different directly. If they'd do that, the product would be awesome. It looks great, I love how it blends in with the wall. The TV disappears and instead of a huge black blob on the wall, I have great pictures of family, friends, or whatever I want to throw up there. 

I've called Samsung support so many times. They don't get it. They tell me to call Samsung Mobile. They tell me to do this, do that... I've done it all. It doesn't work. I don't think most of them even know what ambient mode is.

I've emailed, I've posted on forums. How is it they can advertise a feature like ambient mode and then completely leaver us hanging like this? Or am I missing something? I hope I am. I would love for this to work!