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Samsung 2020 - LPCM passthrough not working

(Topic created on: 24/03/21 10:52)

I have a Q800T connected through eARC to an ST5000 soundbar through HDMI 3. eARC enabled at both ends. 

I have an XBOX Series X connected to the HDMI 4 port of the TV.

LPCM from the Series X to the soundbar doesn't work. Samsung advertises that this is something thay they offer. Or it's broken, or it's a lie. 

What's the purpose of having eARC and the option of doing passthrough if one can passthrough LPCM nor anything uncompressed, except stereo 2.0?

If I manually configure the Series X (HDMI settings) I can send 7.1 or 5.1 uncompressed. If I do it automatically, it doesn't work. So I would say that the handshake between external devices and the TV is not working.

Firmware of the TV 1497.

Firmware of the soundbar 516.


The only suggestion made by Samsung's support was to replace the mainboard. Why? This is a more than very well-known issue that MUST be addressed.