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RU7172 Youtube ads horror

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Bought this tv in 2019, everything was fine until the update. Mostly watching kids stuff on youtube  for the baby and it was ok until recently, now with 1356 update every ***** video played shows an ad on youtube. Also noticed that the app itself is different. This is really annoying and not to mention that I do not even think to pay for premium yt and what not just for few nursery rhymes videos for kids not to be interrupted by some stupid ad and not even relevant stuff we do not want. This is not only regarding youtube but is also relevant to Samsung. Either the app platform should be restricted by Tizen not to serve an ad every few minutes as its case in tv menu policy for advertising . We as customers must have an option to at least reduce this frequency of showing stupid ads and stuff that shows in a middle of every video and this should be done by Tizen platform not youtube.

So, its like this:

we get 4k panel - solid picture for money

sound - very very good - good bass  

we get Tizen (options for downgrade - NO, Why? )

platform itself - could be much better - what are your developers doing? improve damnit

browser - reminds me on IE on XP

option for any extension i.e. ad block in browser - NO (user should have a choice)

YT app for normal use - already said


So, all in all, either we get PI Hole and enjoy ad molesting free web or this Samsung panel ends like a simple PC monitor.

The definition of SMART TV is not legit. Samsung was a top brand ,this is not it. 







You do realise that the Youtube adverts are nothing related to Samsung, right? This was increased by Youtube themselves it was announced recently. Your TVs software cannot control the amount of adverts provided by an app, as Youtube has a paid service which removes the ads.
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Well Samsung has nothing to do with youtube, and recently the youtube ads have increased.

Regarding the software update I do agree that there is a considerable dire need of a software upgrade if the Samsung TVs are really to be smart.

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Thank you for your replies. A did not only mentioned youtube and ads, what about browser and tv itself? The policy menu allows opting out of ads and yet still ads are shown in Home? I payed this device. What the heck is this. "This is Tizen, our OS, let us copy android and make some money by forcing ads to our sold devices". 

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