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QN800A highlights values clipping when in motion

(Topic created on: 14-10-2022 05:11 PM)
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Hi all,

I just bought a QN800A and overall I'm quite pleased with it, apart from a small issue I'm experiencing that I just can't find a solution for.
Whenever I'm in game mode on PS5 and the local dimming is set to something other than low I get these odd clipped values in the highlights when the camera is in motion. It is very strange as the values don't necessarily appear brighter, but just clipped, as if the detail in the highlights is completely lost, and the actual highlights appear slightly dull and yellowish. This will only happen for a split second after moving the camera view and then go back to normal but it can be very annoying on dynamic games where the camera moves a lot. This only seems to happen when I'm in Game mode, not when watching movies, and only when local dimming is set to standard or high. Increasing the contrast also seems to make the issue worse.
I have currently set the local dimming to low and it seems to work fine, however the TV brightness is extremely low in this mode, and also I feel like the contrast is not great. I mean the local dimming seems like an important feature and a huge reason why I opted for this TV
I haven't been able to find anything online about this issue, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this. I'm hoping to find out if this is potentially an issue with Samsung TVs in general, Neo QLEDs, poor local dimming performance, or just a faulty TV.
I read that local dimming is not the best compared to other Samsung models, but I'm hoping it's not related to this.
Please let me know if you have noticed the same issue, and if yes, what model the TV was
I've attached examples below
It is a bit difficult ot see as the phone camera is already blowing the highlights a bit, but notoce how the detaisl behind the flames is completely lost while in motion. Once the camera stops it takes about a split second to go back to normal
Many Thanks
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Hello. I have the same problem with qn95b 65". Looks like this is a very old issue that Samsung is not willing to address. This level TVs are not cheep and resides in premium segment. In premium segment you are expecting premium quality. Is it intended and comes with the mini led technology? Why people aren't talking about this? Samsung ought to fix this.