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(Topic created on: 27-10-2020 02:53 PM)
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i have just bought a qe65q60t tv  to replace my le46c750r which is still working.

my HT-C5550 blue ray home entertainment system is not working with the new tv, i have tried it with my old tv and it works fine.

Both the new tv and the sound system have the latest available firmware installed.

I have also tried other HDMI cables, connecting it into the other HDMI ports but still no joy.

I cant even get the settings menu of the sound system.

The new tv recognizes that an audio device is connected but cannot identify it.

I have contacted technical support whom went through diagnostics and reset the tv and then said the sound system 

is not compatible with the new tv, which i find hard to believe surely a firmware update could resolve the issue.

this means that if i keep the new tv then i will have to buy a new 5.1 sound system and new blue ray player as well a simple tv upgrade is turning out to be a very expensive nightmare.

I am very disappointed with Samsung and my new purchase.