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(Topic created on: 27-12-2020 11:25 AM)

We purchased the above tv in Worten Tenerife, we are English and unable to speak Spanish. The store checked the product was working by plugging it in,that's all they did. 

We connected the tv the following day and what we thought was a screen protector as it not covered by any frame as such we started to remove it, I then realised as the screen was white behind it put it back on as best as we could.  We packed it back up and went to the store for a replacement or money back  the store staff wanted to check the as it was ok when we left the shop, to our amazement they ripped the screen even more then realised it wasn't a protector they put it back in the box and told us to go as they don't exchange or return any tv over 37inch wide. They gave us the phone number of Samsung Spain and told us to call them. Well 4 weeks later and trying to get help from them as been an absolute joke nobody will help as when we ask them to call back for someone to speak to us in English they don't, we treated a friend who can speak spanish they said they would send an engineer next Thursday we waited all day and nobody came, when she called back they new nothing about it. We are no further on we have even contacted the UK and they said we can't help either. We are sat looking at a box with a useless tv in it. Can anybody help in this matter as we are really annoyed with Samsung



Alan E Holt