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QE49Q80TATXXU - HDMI Port 4 - 2.1

(Topic created on: 11-11-2020 01:13 PM)



I've purchased a QE49Q80TATXXU.


Before purchasing, I spoke to Samsung support to clarify something:


Just to confirm the 49" version of the Q80T has 3 x HDMI 2.0 slots and 1 x HDMI 2.1 slot. The HDMI 2.1 slot is 120hz.


The response was:


Samsung UK Support 5e28285084ec30034d4b1a66
Wed, 21 Oct 2020 11:09:46 UTC
Sorry to keep you waiting, it's 2.1 HDMI connection and has 120 Hz.


Now from doing some further reading on the web, I keep seeing that the 49" version is not 120hz and is 60hz.  And that only models 55" and above support 120hz.


Please could you confirm?


Thanks - Mark


Did you ever get a reply from someone regarding this confirming? I've just got the new Xbox Series X and looking into a new TV for black Friday. This one cropped up that you have said, for £799? I too would like to know if it is actually capable of 120hz refresh rate.

Unfortunately no reply.  However many forums say the same:  49" is 60hz only, 55+ is 120hz.


It's a dealbreaker for me - I must have 120hz!


Hi there mark. 

im also very concerned. I bought this TV for on reason only, next gen gaming consoles. I spoke to Samsung live chat this week and they said the eArc is hdmi 2.1. That’s audio though. 

I want some official confirmation from Samsung now as I feel like I may have been misold a product as now since I’ve bought this TV all I’m seeing is that the 49’ doesn’t support 2.1 at 120hz. 

Where have all these sources found this out? 

I bought the TV from John Lewis and even their webpage has changed from 1x hdmi 2.1 to 4x hdmi 2.0.

The TV is awsome and I don’t want a 55’ as that’s just too big. 

Very poor communication from Samsung here I feel. 


I also purchased this for next generation console (PS5).


I was told on a couple of occassions that Port 4 is 2.1.  The panel is definitely 60hz - so does not support 120hz.  Apparently only 2.1 port and 120hz on 55" and over.


However I was told on two occassions by Samsung Support (which I have saved chat logs for) - that the 49" does have a 2.1 port - that it is Port 4 and it does support 120hz (whether that is native or not - unsure).  I may take this forward and claim being missold information and what are they going to do to rectify it.


I've also noted the John Lewis page has been modified to show 4 x 2.0 - whereas before it had 1 x 2.1 and 3 x 2.0.  Interesting!  Obviously many people have also been querying this.


Like you - 55" is too big for me.  However from reading around it seems that 120hz is usually only available in 55"+ currently.


I think that by this time next year there will be more availability of a) 2.1 ports and b) 120hz in lower screen sizes.


I went ahead and purchased this TV anyway.  My last TV was 6 years old.  So I at least have 4k and HDR now - so an upgrade for sure.  I plan to re-upgrade this time next year, when there is more choice for all of the above options and sell my TV on ebay and get 50% ish back on it (it cost me £800.00).  I'm fine with that.  And I don't think the utilisation by consoles for 120hz and 2.1 will be readily available until then anyway.


I can say that this TV us great anyway - and PS5 use on it is crystal clear.  I don't regret buying it, only that instead of having a TV that will last me for 5 years, it will only be about 1 year if I want to have a 2.1 slot and 120hz.


I agree communication is bad - and Samsung do not seem to know their own technical specs on products which is concerning!


Yeah it’s a shame that after a year or 2 this TV will be replaced. Didn’t buy this TV to do that, wanted it to last 5-6 years like my previous Samsung TV. 

But if it is hdmi 2.1 then happy days.


I will also keep the TV but I still want official confirmation from Samsung on this.

Very poor communication indeed.