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QE49Q70R - Intermittent TV Recording

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Had this TV about 5 months now and used multiple USB hard drives (NOT USB sticks), but on each occasion the TV's ability to record "normal" broadcast programs as been Intermittent


For example the wife has series record for 3 programs on terrestrial TV (they dont clash timing wise) and its always random on the results from 0 records to 3 recordings each day. The programs it does select are completely random. TV is always on standby during recording  - if this was the issue surely nothing would record. Firmware is up to date, have done 2 resets on the TV to no effect and its crazy how a high tech TV cant do the simplest of tasks - record a standard tv programme !


Also - USB drive is plugged into the USB 5V1A slot.

Any ideas - dont really fancy buying another Hard Drive......

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