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Q9FN local dimming problem not solved


I'm starting a new post to see if this goes further.

The local dimming on the q9fn still isn't resolved, 

I started a petition to see if samsung at least acknowledge the problem, I cannot post the petition here because the forum doesn't allow me. But if you go to look for local dimming and click there, please spread this. 

I bought and LGc8 because my child broke my q9fn, but still I want this to be solved. 




I did sign you petition - thank you for taking that initiative.

I fear however that people have given up. Samsung surely must have seen the numerous threads, YT movies showing the problem, et cetera. But they just don't seem to care.


It's quite shocking to be frank and I'm never ever buying one of their products again. I have always loved their products and I even acknowledge that something can be bad. But their lack of willigness to provide us an answer, some help, just something... It is infuriating!

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