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Q90R resolution and refresh rate.

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 09:18 PM)

Hi everyone,


I bought a Samsung q90r a couple of weeks ago and even after reading articles and threads on reddit I don't understand the supported resolutions and refresh rates for the TV's hdmi ports if connected to a PC. As I've understood it the q90r supports 4k up to 120 hz with chroma format 4:2:0 in HDMI port 4.


I am using the TV as a computer screen for my Nvidia graphics card and changing between the resolutions as I have not decided what resolution to use yet. In the Nvidia Control Panel I'm getting new options to choose from every time the HDMI cable is disconnected and reconnected. Why?


For example if I disconnect the HDMI and power the system of and reconnect the cables I can choose 1920x1080@120hz or 3840x2160@60hz but there's no option for 2560x1440 at any frequency at all. However if I start a game and change the resolution in that game (Scaling the game beyond the Windows 10 selected resolution) then that resolution will become an option in Nvidia Control Panel to choose from for the operating system as well. Why?


The last thing I don't understand is why I sometimes can choose to run Windows 10 in 3840x2160@120hz in Nvidia Control Panel. The first times I tried this the screen either turned green or lost connection completely to the PC. But when I tried tonight with 3840x2160@120hz and "Use default color settings" it seems to work smoothly.


Can someone please explain how and why this is happening?


Best regards, adam.


I believe it has something to do with Samsung and their software in their connect box. They haven't probably optimized the tv for the HDMI 2.0b 24Gb connection and because of this it can cause glitches in the system when you go above the limited 24gb speed limit of the HDMI port 4.