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Q90 / Q95 endless issues

(Topic created on: 29-11-2020 03:50 AM)

I've reached out to Samsung a number of times regarding issues with this TV.
The more I experiment and try to get a decent image, the more this TV reveals how HORRID the firmware is.
Honestly, Samsung should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such a buggy mess.
Regardless, I am willing to work with Samsung to see this issues resolved. Else I will be chasing a refund, hopefully without needing to contact the ACCC.

The primary issue I have (since I bought the TV for this feature) is with VRR boosting black levels and seemingly ruining the gamma curve.
While also causing light posterization in certain scenes, particularly low light scenes.
VRR also has handshake issues sometimes, resulting in broken images displayed (like some previous posts here show).
Related, Game Mode dang near disables Local Dimming, breaking the proper brightness/darkness and depth that HDR content usually shows.
There's literally NO reason for this. If it is for 'lower latency' then make these things a frigging toggle option in the settings somewhere.
I'm sure a lot of us would rather a proper looking image at the cost of a few measly milliseconds latency!

Second issue is, why does only PC mode display a proper RGB444 signal? While any other mode shows chroma subsampling regardless of what signal the TV is receiving.
PC mode FORCES contrast enhancer on while in game mode for some obnoxious reason.
PC mode also LOCKS color space settings and visibly reduces the amount of Local Dimming zones being calculated.
Again, all this breaks the proper brightness/darkness and depth that HDR content usually shows.

Third issue, local dimming when set to Standard or High will suddenly drop in brightness after a few minutes in most display modes.
Once again, this breaks the proper brightness/darkness and depth that HDR content usually shows.

Fourth issue, DSE and purple fringing around the outside of the TV panel.
Fifth issue, purple inverse ghosting (lessoned in the latest firmware, but still apparent when you know it exists).

What kind of botched firmware (and TV) is this?!
We all need to kick up more of a stink over this if you ask me.


For the record, I own an Australian Q95T with 1403.1 firmware currently.
If I'm not mistaken, quite a few Samsung TV models in 2020 share this same panel and firmware, and therefore would presumably share these issues.
More information and transparency is needed from Samsung.


Can you return the TV?


Thank you for also speaking out about these issues! That many replacements and still no resolution is atrocious. 


I've lost all hope for Samsung now, I will never be buying a TV from them again.

First Poster

Exactly the same problems here. Is is frustrating beyond belief that I cannot choose to turn off these options and that HDR support is terrible. I get zero value from their support and they refuse to take it back or replace it. I will never buy a TV from Samsung ever again, and recommend everyone to choose something else if you´re planning to connect a PC to it. / Angry