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Q80T Game Motion Plus Issue - Inverted Colours

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I've just unboxed my brand new Q80T and ran into an immediate issue with Game Motion Plus.


When Game Motion Plus is turned on the colours are fine, however when turned off all colours become inverted.

The video below shows the problem.


This is happening across every HDMI port, also tested with two different HDMI cables.

Does anyone know if this is a fault with the TV? Or if there is a workaround/fix for this. I've tried playing around with all of the available picture settings to no avail 😞


I had this issue with the Q80T and I ended up getting it replaced, only for the 2nd TV to have the same issue. This issue has been mentioned on here before and nobody has a fix. I ended up getting the Q85T, which works as it should. I'm afraid I'd return this and avoid the Q80T.

Thanks, yeah I noticed your reply from another thread about the issue.


I was having a chat with Samsung on the off chance it could be fixed, or perhaps explore upgrading to the Q85T. Didn't have much luck... to quote the response: "this is just a normal feature on the TV. Just like the colour inversion and the greyscale feature. You can just leave this on."


Naturally I decided on a refund from point of sale shortly after that!

Onwards and upwards.



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