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Q800T and Xbox One X audio dropout when playing UHD or HD Blu-Ray

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Encoutering an audio issue when using the Blu-Ray app on Xbox One X to play UHD or HD Blu-Rays.
Video is perfect, and audio starts, but randomly cuts out for a few seconds, then comes back for a random amount of time before cutting out again. This happens across the handful of 4K and HD titles I've tried.
All other audio from the Xbox One X (games, Spotify, Netflix) works fine without issue.

Xbox One X is connected to the QE65Q800T via a brand new HDMI 2.1 cable in port 4.

I've tried different cables, and different ports - the problem stays with this device.

Taking the same HD Blu-Ray and playing on a Playstation 4 connected to the same Q800T works fine without issue (regardless of cable or port).

Had not had an issue with Xbox One X audio playback before switching to this TV (previously plugged into a soundbar with ARC to the TV for video)

I'd ideally like to be able to go Xbox One X to Q800T (and either do away with the Soundbar, or upgrade to one that supports eARC) Any thoughts?

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