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One Connect TV

(Topic created on: 14-01-2024 08:46 PM)
One Connect QN55Q7FN
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I treated myself to a $1300 Samsung One Connect QN55Q7FN. Oh yeah salesman it’s awesome perfect best. I believe Samsung owes me a new TV free because of lemon law. Ordered it it came in but screen cracked. Got #2 a couple months or so awesome. Then nothing. Guy had to come out, very inconvenient for customers Samsung doesn’t care about customers until no one buys their stuff. So needed complete new motherboard. Then OK for awhile some years then black fog through middle of screen taking up about a 1/3 of your screen. Guess what Samsung knew this would happen to anyone who bought this specific product. Did they make an announcement to replace the TV free since they made and sold it. No of course not. In fact I only found out what was wrong with my TV from a very smart YouTube video who explained it so perfectly. And no he doesn’t work for Samsung because Samsung doesn’t go out of their way for patrons. I know I contacted them and they said they were sending me a TV with all of the same qualities of course I had to pay for it $752 or so. Said I was getting it at a great discount, that was complete lie. I could go buy it at a store for exact or less. But you see I paid $1300. For the one I thought would last. This is a big company I contacted them with an issue that they had known about and so stopped making the model of my TV because the fog problem could not be resolved. So SAMSUNG BASICALLY SAID OH TOO BAD SORRY YOU GOT OUR LEMON.  So this company needs a class action lawsuit against them. They do not stand by their products. When someone pays $1300 for a TV and the company realizes that model has an unfixable flaw that happened during production then it is their responsibility as a company for consumers to replace that product with one of same or extra quality. They sent me a TV that was not even close to the quality of the one I purchased for myself. And I had to buy it so now $2000 to Samsung and replacement or paid replacement whatever I receive it and guess what 1/3 of the screen is black and as in no pixels just thick white lines going down TV. Sent it back and said wanted my money back. It took over 10 days to get my money back. I still have my one box One Connect QN55Q7FN sitting here next to my new LG. I am waiting for everyone who has this one connect to get the black fog on your screen it will happen and we can sue together.