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OLED smart remote

(Topic created on: 08-10-2017 11:56 AM)
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Have a QLED Q75F

Great TV but the remote has given me hassles, it is a shame because its a great smart remote, if working.

1st problem, cannot get the remote to recognise my Nvidia Shield TV (2017) version, have spent hours with

Samsung tech with no joy.

2nd problem, I can with mucking about get my Sky HD box working, but certain functions only work if

I keep the doors of my unit open, with the doors closed all the TV settings work, and most of the Sky,

except the menu ( CH - Channel ) button. It is as if all on the remote is Bluetooth, except that one button

seems to be infared, again Samsung tech have no idea why this is happening, just said it must be interferance

from somewhere, so I moved the whole setup to a different place, and it was exact the same, open doors

all worked no problem, close the doors and the CH - Channel button would not work 😞

Has anyone any ideas for either of these problems, I mean the whole idea with the one cable connect is

for your setup to look tidy, not have your whole setup on display every time you have the TV on 😞