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No 4k uhd for amazon prime anymore

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Hi all I use have used amazon prine. Netflix and disney+ for a while all running 4k uhd without any problem however recently I noticed on amazon prime that I no longer have any uhd content. I can see content I have watched such as the grand tour uhd however if I try to run it, it will only ever come up in 1020p. I have noticed also on prime display that it does not show anything with uhd. No uhd content or menu now.


It used to work fine. Netflix and disney + still fine and also sky q.


Tried resetting hub on both TV and Samsung uhd player but still nothing on TV hub or usd disk player.


Used to work fine on both.

Hope someone can help as I have looked everywhere.

Model is ue55es6800uxxd 




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I have the very same issue on my UE50JU6800K and did spend a lot of time on Google.

What I've found is all over the place.

- option has gone and back after a couple of days,

- option disappeared on older models (like ours) because of Amazon changed their streaming and older TV don't get updates for the app anymore, hence 4k is gone,

- same happened to other manufacturers, e.g. Sony


Amazon seems to be pretty brutal (or just want to save costs) when it comes to app updates and support.

I've also a Sony UHD BlueRay player, where the app has been removed completely with an update late last year.


My Samsung is still showing the "HDR" with the 1080p, but no 4k/UHD at all.

From the posts I was reading, it also seems to be dependent on the country you're in.

It "might" be, that 4k is not available, because Amazon announced to reduce the bandwith use and therefore possible removed 4k, to not take up more internet resources during covid-19. 


So it's all over the place and I couldn't find anything with a clear answer.

Some poster were in contact with Amazon, but they didn't get anywhere.


If you get some somewhere, I'm happy to hear it 🙂





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Same problem here on 2016 4K 6500 series tv.  I UHD or 4K content in Amazon prime app native app on tv or Nvidia Shield connected to HDMI port 1...

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Same here. No 4k from Amazon prime app on my JS9000. YouTube app works perfectly for 4k. 

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Anyone find any resolution to the problem? At this point may just get a firestick or something. 

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