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Netflix missing from Apps

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Hi All, Hope someone can give me the solution.


I am unable to find Netflix on the Apps for my TV.  I have a UE40D6530WK 3D Smart TV, Why is Netflix missing?  I have been to the Samsung website and have the lastest software version T-GASDEUC-1028.0, B7-G already loaded and did this via USB last year to solve a problem with the TV just switching off.


Has anyone successfully be able to resolve this problem on this model and been able to obtain the Netflix App? I can current only able to watch is via my PS3.




Hi @Timbo1966.


App developers make their apps for specific models, and it sounds like your model TV doesn't support Netflix. It's best to get in touch with Netflix to confirm this, though, and if they've got anything planned for that model.

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I have downloaded the Netflix App from the Samsung App Store but when I try to run the App the TV just locks up. In a similar vein the ITV Hub App resets the TV (switches off then back on again in TV mode). The BBC Iplayer app just locks with "Previous Screen" displayed. Difficult to find an App that actually runs on my TV - although there are a few which do work. Is there a solution?
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