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MU series and PLEX issues


The current PLEX client on my ue55mu8002 tv cannot output DTS (via optical) if I want to stream video with external subtitles from my PLEX server running on PC. 

If I stream the same files without subtitles, it works just fine. 


Speaking of subtitles, some times current PLEX client loses timing if I seek during playback. This behavior sometimes is resolved by starting over playback.


Both issues are not happening if I use the PLEX client of my Apple TV.  


Have you posted over on the Plex forums as well? Also, does this happen if you use the DLNA side of Plex to rule out the app being the problem?

I have not posted this on PLEX Forums but I noticed there are posts  already there for both issues. 


When i try via DLNA from my tv, it can play only avi files and all .mp4 and .mkv appear as .mpeg and start an endless transcoding if requested to play. 


The PLEX app could not start on my tv, after splash screen I got a blank-dark grey page. 

Exiting did not help as after that trying to run the app again resulted in the same dark grey empty screen. 

As nothing has changed in my home network and my PLEX server works fine for my other devices, I exited from my Samsung account on the troubled TV set and now PLEX client works again. 

I did not reset the tv, neither touched the PLEX app, not even switched off the tv.  

Can anybody confirm if I have to be always logged with my Samsung account, as I do not see I am missing any functionality. 

It turns out that the entrance to the Samsung account is needed to keep track for you.!
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